Husband of murdered Brit mum saw killer’s face when balaclava slipped in burglary

The husband of a murdered British mum will help police identify the killer after seeing his face when a balaclava slipped during the gunpoint burglary.

Caroline Crouch, 20, was strangled to death in front of her unharmed daughter Lydia during a break-in at the family’s home in Glyka Nera, an affluent suburb of Athens, at about 5am last Tuesday.

The family’s dog was strangled to death with its own lead.

Widower Charalambos (Babis) Anagnostopoulos, 32, was tied up during the vicious attack at their home.

He is now to be shown mugshots of 30 suspects Greek police have “narrowed down” as part of their investigation.

Caroline was a black belt kickboxer and had fought back against her attackers.

A police officer told the Sun Online: “We’re making headway with the inquiry and in the police laboratories based on DNA found at the scene.

“The list of suspects has been narrowed down to 30 people.

“We’ll be showing him more mug shots and will have him listen to tapes to see if he can make out the foreign language that he heard one of the culprits speak,”

“Take care of your family, sir. Cherish your loved ones as much as you can.”

Police said a man from Georgia was arrested during a traffic stop in the region of Evros, and the hunt for additional suspects continues.

The family was asleep when armed men burst into their home and bound and gagged Ms Crouch and her husband.

As the burglars demanded money and jewellery, Mr Anagnostopoulos told them where to find £10,000 hidden in a Monopoly box, he said.

He told reporters the couple had such a large sum of cash in their home because they had recently bought a plot of land and they needed money on hand to pay builders.